Bird Control & Removals Carlton, Collingwood & Keilor

The Swift Bird Removals Service in Melbourne 

Whether you’ve got a wayward bird trapped in your Carlton home, or a seagull nesting on your business’ roof in Keilor, you’ll want the help of a bird removals expert who can help you remove it, safely and efficiently.

Perfect Pest Control helps homes and businesses across Melbourne solve their bird problem. From nesting birds swooping your customers and pedestrians in Collingwood, to flocks of roosting pigeons pooping on cars and people, we can help you solve the problem humanely and swiftly.

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The importance of early bird removals

The longer a bird is allowed to stay in a spot, the harder it is to remove it – this is especially true if you’ve got a large flock of birds on your hands (or roof). Not only are birds a sound nuisance, and droppings can be both unsightly and customer-deterring, but birds carry with them a score of transmittable diseases and parasites. Not only are the transmittable if a human gets in direct contact with the bird, but can also be transmitted through droppings, nesting materials, loose feathers, and more. If birds nest in chimneys or other blockable passages, this can lead to a fire hazard.

From Keilor to Collingwood, Carlton and more, we travel to suburbs across Melbourne to help homes and businesses stay fowl free.

The comprehensive bird and pest control service 

We don’t take being Melbourne’s trusted pest control service lightly. Through years of dedication to helping Melbournians rid their properties of birds and other pests, we’ve become specialised in dealing with a range of pests. We help homes and businesses with:

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Don’t wait until you’ve got an out-of-hand situation – dealing with birds on your property early is the best way to make sure that you’ve got a successful result. From one bird to a flock of birds – we’re the industry professionals who can help you manage the infestation and regain control of your property. We’ll assess the situation, and approach it with the right tools, the knowhow, and the care, in order to relocate birds safely and quickly.

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