Possum Control

We can guarantee our trained professionals will be on time and handle your possum humanely

Bed Bugs

We have expertise in bed bug elimination our treatment comes with 100% guarantee

Bird Blocking

Are you sick of being disturbed by birds nesting in your roof, dropping on your balcony and windows or dropping on your expansive shop signs.

Rodent Extermination

Rodents have been a pest throughout history and continue to be a concern by contaminating food and spreading diseases, if left untreated.


There are at least five types of cockroaches that are common in Michigan: American, German, Oriental, Brown-Banded, and Wood Cockroaches. Out of the five species, the German Cockroach is the one to worry about as it likes indoor locations.

Flea Treatment

We do move out Flea treatment for Cat and dog fleas which are the most common. Life span on dogs is typically more than 100 days — enough time for a pair of fleas and their descendants to produce millions of offspring

All type of Beetles and Crawling Insets

We also treat all type of Crawling insets and Beetles.

Wasps Removal

We give 100% guarantee for wasps removal.The most commonly found wasp in Melbourne is the European Wasp

Termite Inspection, treatment and Control

Termite control methods can depending on the level of infestation, and an inspection is required to provide the best method of treatment,think you might have Termites or white ants. Don't wait for calling our professional termite treatment technicians.